Statement of Support for COP27

Sustainability is one of the most discussed agenda topics among ASEA-UNINET members. This effort has been underlined by ASEA-UNINET’s plan to establish a thematic network that addresses issues of sustainability, which include renewable energy and climate change resilience. During the 2022 ASEA-UNINET Plenary Meeting at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria, such issues were highlighted throughout the programme over the course of key notes speeches, panel discussions, exchange forums, and the formation of committees. Furthermore, sustainability related research projects in a variety of disciplines contribute to knowledge production, and exchange, between the network’s member countries.

Hence, referring to the UNESCO COP27 statement, ASEA-UNINET fully supports the declaration that existential UN Climate & Biodiversity Treaty objectives of 197 nation parties must be realised to safeguard against an unsustainable future. In particular, this includes the objectives: (i) “Limit global warming to well below 2ºC preferably 1.5ºC” and (ii) “Humans live in harmony with nature by 2050”, as well as the pledge for UN Ultra High developed nation to reduce emissions 80 times compared to UN Low developed countries. Following these objectives collectively within a national imperative, rather than a global one, we appeal for equitable government action and proportionate policy attention.

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