NOTICEBOARD UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Our website was transferred to a new server and some technical issues were updated. Therefore, our old ASEA-UNINET Noticeboard had to be abandoned.

This notice board was used to announce upcoming activities between ASEA-UNINET partner universities to all other partners, in order to inform them and enable them to participate in these activities, if so desired. This facility was used especially to notify other universities of visiting professors/scientists expected within the next few months, in order to enable other partner universities to extend a follow-up invitation to these visitors in case of interest. The Notice Board also provided coordinators of universities and countries with the opportunity to make announcements to their colleagues and to staff members/students of partner institutions.

For personal enquiries, please look for the e-mail address of a co-ordinator from our member universities; for general questions or if you would like to share information connected to ASEA-UNINET via the news area please use the e-mail address:

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