International Master in Soils and Global Change (IMSOGLO)

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) is offering the International Master of Science in Soils and Global Change programme together with three other European universities (Ghent University, University of Göttingen, Aarhus University). This master programme is supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, through which scholarships are available also for applicants from South East Asian countries. The deadline for submitting the application files for international scholarship applicants is Feb. 28, 2021. Information on this international master programme and its curriculum, the admission criteria and the scholarship opportunities can be found at the IMSOGLO website

Increased population pressure, industrialisation and intensive land use are causing depletion of natural resources and are limiting the performance of land with respect to its functions such as biomass production, carbon sequestration, water purification, etc. The additive effects of climate change and the above mentioned aspects of global change influence the capacity of soils to regenerate and may even cause soil degradation. The future capacity of soils to support (human) life is at stake, and this has been realised by national and international organisations and governmental bodies, such as the EU. Programmes have been developed to protect the environment and to increase ecosystem resilience. The International Master of Science in Soils and Global Change programme aims to teach the knowledge, tools, technologies and applications in the context of soils and global change by bringing together the expertise of research groups at 4 renown EU universities.