ICONARTIES 2019 – The 1st International Conference on Interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities // July 3rd – 5th, 2019 // Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Arts and humanities in their development support each other and have relevance to other scientific aspects. The more advanced human civilization, the more complex the problems encountered. This requires a complementary study of all scientific aspects. Interdisciplinary arts and humanities in the millennium era developed into something new. Many experts began to be interested in researching new scientific principles, policies, and applications which were a mixture of various disciplines to solve their problems. The development of the arts and humanities directly or indirectly ultimately determines the change in world civilization.

In 2019, Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta) will be honored as the host of the 1st International Conference on Interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities (ICONARTIES) which will invite practitioners of artists, lecturers, researchers, observers and students in the field of arts and humanities to jointly present the results of their thoughts at a conference entitled: “Changing the world through arts and humanities“. The list of topics and sub topics for the conference will include the followings and it will be helpful as guidance, and other topics pertinent to the theme are welcome:

Art Education:

  • Teaching and Learning Arts Practices
  • Multimodal literacies, multiliteracies in arts education
  • Literacy and the literary
  • Arts pedagogies
  • Art history: purpose and pedagogy
  • Creative arts in the humanities
  • Art as self-inquiry

Research/Creation in Visual and Performing Arts:

  • Dance, Drama, Film, Theatre
  • Music, music education, music and technology
  • Jazz, classical music, popular music
  • Sound design, electroacoustic music
  • Sound art, soundscape
  • Stagecraft
  • Studio art, ceramics
  • Drawing, painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Print media
  • Fibres and material practices

Applied Arts:

  • Architecture
  • Fashion Design and textile
  • Graphic Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Interior Design

Humanities and Social Sciences:

  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Cultural Studies
  • Languages
  • Geography
  • Literature and related disciplines
  • Law and Justice
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Political science
  • Reconciliation and Peacebuilding

Art in Society:

  • Art History
  • Art Curation and Conservation
  • Art, Society and Social Media
  • Liberal Arts
  • Area studies and Cultural Studies
  • Art and Museum Management
  • Contemporary Arts Practice
  • Information and Museum Studies
  • Folk and Traditional Arts
  • Classical Arts
  • Creative Writing
  • Literature and linguistics

Journalism, Media and Mass Communication:

  • Media Concepts, Theories and Methods
  • Journalism and the News
  • Media’s Role in Public Relations and Marketing
  • Media and Youth
  • Insights into World Issues
  • Studies Involving Social Media
  • Insights into Social Issues
  • Media Platform and Genre Studies

Interdisciplinary Humanities:

  • Area studies
  • Ecological humanities
  • Ethno-cultural studies
  • Gender and Women’s studies
  • Library studies
  • Museology
  • Health humanities
  • Medical humanities


The Phoenix Hotel, Yogyakarta
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No.9 Yogyakarta 55233 Indonesia


Registration Batch 1

Abstract submission deadline:             January 31st, 2019
Acceptance Notification:                       February 7th, 2019
Full Paper submission deadline:         February 28th, 2019
Full Paper Acceptance Notification:   March 14th, 2019
Payment and Registration:                   March 15th – 31st, 2019

Registration Batch 2

Abstract submission deadline:             April 30th, 2019
Acceptance Notification:                       May 7th, 2019
Full Paper submission deadline:         May 31st, 2019
Full Paper Acceptance Notification:   June 14th, 2019
Payment and Registration:                   June 15th – 30th, 2019

Conference Date: July 3-5th, 2019 (July 5th, 2019 for City Tour)

The latest information from the conference can be seen on the website of ICONARTIES.


All accepted paper will be published in Atlantis Press Proceeding Series and indexed by Scopus.


Telp/Fax: +62 878 39174055(Tri Wahyu W.) /(Fax) +62274 384108
Email: iconarties@isi.ac.id / triwahyuwidodo@isi.ac.id

(All submission and registration using online mechanism on the website)