Another sucessful effort of ASEA-UNINET… now even on youtube

Indonesia: Of Rice and Water

Which challenges do smallholder farmers face today?
Do they want their children to continue farming?

This short movie presents current challenges and possible future scenarios of farmers in Indonesia and is based on interviews with farmers from selected study sites and experts from partner universities in Indonesia and Thailand. The film was made by Rosana Kral, Axel Mentler, Sebastian Postl and Lorenz Probst – translated by Rizki Maftukhah – supported by the Center for Development Research at BOKU, ASEA-UNINET and the Austrian Development Agency.

Axel Mentler (co-producer of this video) as well as Katharina Keiblinger (interviewee in the video) have been involved in ASEA-UNINET projects in 2017; Rizki Maftukhah (translation of the video) is an ASEA-UNINET scholarship holder.

Link to Youtube Video: