18th ASEA UNINET Plenary Meeting in Linz, Austria, will be postponed

As a consequence of the coronavirus crisis the ASEA-UNINET excecutive board has decided to postpone the upcoming 18th ASEA UNINET Plenary Meeting initially scheduled for 06-09 July 2020 in Linz, Austria and has thus decided to

  • move the 18th ASEA UNINET Plenary Meeting for exactly one year to the beginning of July 2021 (exact dates to be decided);
  • prolongate the existing executive functions for one year (i.e. no elections of president, vice presidents, etc in July 2020 but in July 2021); and
  • continue with our regular schedule of 1.5 years and having the 19th Plenary Meeting at the beginning of 2023 (taking place in the Asian country holding the ASEA UNINET presidency according to the outcome of the voting in 2021).

In the period between the two Plenaries, a National Coordinators Meeting will take place. The executive board suggested to organize a second National Coordinators Meeting at the end of 2020 / beginning of 2021 as well, to avoid large gaps between the meetings.