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Meeting of national Coordinators of ASEA-Uninet, Innsbruck, October 11-14, 1998


We, the undersigned National Co-ordinators of the European-Asian University Partnership Network "ASEA-UNINET", representing the 40 partner Universities in Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Indonesia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Vietnam,
having notedwith satisfaction the efforts of the European Union and Asian States to foster their relations in the cultural, educational and scientific sectors, and welcoming these and all further related efforts,

having observed with great interest the concrete plans of DG IB of the European Commission to set up a programme to link European and South East Asian Universities in the form of networks,

having noted the details of these concrete plans, inter alia the wish to establish joint projects in education and research between Universities in Europe and in South East Asia and the dedication of an amount of 7,700,000 ECU for organisation and performance of such projects, starting from 1998,

being surprised by the fact that ASEA-UNINET has not been considered and acknowledged by the European Commission so far as a well-functioning network performing all tasks described in the provisional agenda for the network structures to be developed within the aforementioned project, and

being concerned that this neglect by the European authorities may lead to an undesirable duplication of activities and a considerable delay in undertaking concrete co-operative activities despite the urgency of such activities in the light of the present economic crisis in South East Asia,


propose to our National Governments to contact the European Commission in order to
achievewithout further delay an appropriate consideration of ASEA-UNINET as a suitable institution and network for the performance of joint educational and research projects between European and South East Asian Universities,

ensure the access of ASEA-UNINET partners to the funds already dedicated by DG IB of the European Commission to such projects by granting the opportunity for immediate application for project financing through these funds

propose a consideration of the Board of ASEA-UNINET, consisting of the Representatives of all Member Countries and Universities, as a suitable and competent body to evaluate project proposals submitted within the European Commission's project line by other partners.


express our hope that, through the efforts and interventions of our National Governments, in particular the Ministries for Foreign Affairs and the Ministries responsible for the Universities, a solution can be found ensuring that such projects can be realised at the beginning of 1999, for the mutual benefit of European and South East Asian institutions and people.


Resolved and signed on October 13, 1998


for Austria: for the Czech Republic:
Bernd Michael Rode Vladimir Marik
for Denmark: for Indonesia:
Lars Jorgensen M.K.Tadjudin
for the Netherlands:: for the Philippines:
Henk van Rinsum Olivia Caoili
for Spain: for Thailand:
Eduard Berenguer Surapone Virulrak
for the United Kingdom: for Vietnam:
Norman Revell Vu Khanh