Call for applications for the Bernd Rode Award

Posted by
Andreas Lichtenberger on 2015-09-19:

ASEA-UNINET announces a call to apply for the Bernd Rode Award. This award is granted to outstanding scientific and higher education collaborations between European and South-East-Asian universities in the framework of ASEA-UNINET and given every 18 months in three different categories.

The financial support associated with this award is up to a maximum of 5.000 euros to enhance and extend the research possibilities in the context of projects backed by ASEA-UNINET (e.g. travel expenses, research stay).

Further information can be found on the website under the menu item "Bernd Rode Award" (http://asea-uninet.org/index.php?seite=82.bernd-rode-award)

The submission deadline is 15.11.2015

Call for applications for the Bernd Rode Award - Andreas Lichtenberger, 2015-09-19