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Kusmayanto Kadiman on 2015-08-03:

Dear All,

About a year and a half ago I wrote a recommendation letter to my ex private assistance as the past minister for research and technology of Indonesia. He was accepted and past the qualification program to a PhD study with the highest achievement. He has been a student in the unique institution established by the government of Japan and situated in Tokyo. The institution is called SciRex http://gist.grips.ac.jp/en/about/scirex.html

In my recent visit to Tokyo, I met with him and learnt about SciRex. Its very much similar to the concept that I have been talking about with some Asea Uninet colleagues, in particular with Prof MB Rode, Prof A Min Tjoa and Prof Attaurahman.

You might like to visit SciRex website ad I pretty sure that you will like it and perhaps you are interested to cooperate with them.

With best wishes,
KK (Kusmayanto Kadiman)

SciRex Japan - Kusmayanto Kadiman, 2015-08-03