Re: With sadness and in living remembrance

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Marco Imperadori on 2017-09-20:

Dear Prof Locatelli, dear prof Rode and all friends from Asea Uninet
Giancarlo Spinelli was for me a master and a gentleman. Always happy, smiling and cheerful.
In many years working together I've learnt so much from him.
For Giancarlo, Asea Uninet was very important and this year, due to his retirement, he passed to me the duties to go on taking care of this precious network from Politecnico side.
I will miss him a lot but I am sure that he would lire to see us all smiling with joy and think that education, art and science are the best things to share, with no barriers of any kind. He loved to travel and know people and other cultures.
God bless Giancarlo for his new trip

Re: With sadness and in living remembrance - Marco Imperadori, 2017-09-20