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Umbrella Agreement

Umbrella Agreement

The Umbrella Agreement is a multilateral agreement that aims to enhance the co-operation by means of general agreements on procedures and the facilitation of study and research programmes performed within ASEA-UNINET.

The agreed measures refer to (1) the mutual recognition of academic degrees, diplomas and credits, (2) the admittance of students from partner universities on the basis of their degrees obtained at that university (providing that all conditions for admission are fulfilled), (3) the mutual waiving of tuition fees for students performing study programmes, if they have been nominated by an ASEA-UNINET member university (not including mandatory government taxes), (4) facilitate exchange of and access to materials within ASEA-UNINET research programmes, (5) provide support in identifying suitable academic supervisors and (6) provide support in administrative matters such as visa application, health insurance and accommodation.

It was signed on July 14th 2014 and has a duration of 3 years. Unless a majority of the signing parties proposes its revocation, the agreement shall be extended automatically for further 3 years. If a member university decides to opt out the validity of its signing will terminate 6 months after notification.

The signed document from July 14th 2014 can be found here:

ASEA-UNINET Umbrella Agreement

The following universites have already signed this agreement