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If you have news for us, please send them via E-Mail

If you have news for us, please send them via E-Mail

Ernst-Mach-Grant (EMG) for 2017 - open for applications

Donnerstag, 10. November 2016 - 15:18 Uhr

Ernst Mach-Grant – ASEA-UNINET (formerly known as Technology Grants South-East Asia)

ASEA-UNINET supports the exchange of knowledge between partner universities in the member countries in Europe and South-East Asia. The main activity of the network is the organization and financial support of the exchange of scientists and postgraduates and the transfer of knowledge associated with this.The Ernst-Mach-Grant 2017 addresses scholars from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Applications are mainly open to postgraduates (finished master degree or doctoral degree) from various fields but also for graduates in the field of music.

The four types of grants are Post-doc Grants, PhD-Grants, Sandwich-Grants and Music-Grants.

The selection of the candidates takes place locally by Austrian university professors.

Next closing date for the submission of applications is 31.3.2017

For further information please see the website: asea-uninet.org/emg

or have a look at other helpful sources:
- online-application tool, please click: Ernst Mach Grant - Link
- the download file: Ernst Mach Grant 2017
- the step-by-step guide as a support for filling out the online application: Step-by-step-guide

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