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If you have news for us, please send them via E-Mail

If you have news for us, please send them via E-Mail

Indonesian media reporting on the 15th ASEA-UNINET Plenary Meeting

Montag, 14. März 2016 - 21:29 Uhr

Public media in Indonesia have been reporting on the 15th ASEA-UNINET Plenary Meeting. News about ASEA-UNINET have been spread in newspaper articles and in a TV broadcast:
(in Indonesian language)

Newsportal Okezone (15.02.2016):

Newsportal Suarasurabaya (15.02.2016):

TV boradcast on Bali TV News (15.02.2016):

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News from the 15th Plenary Meeting in Bali

Donnerstag, 03. März 2016 - 22:16 Uhr

The 15th ASEA-UNINET Plenary Meeting was taking place from 15 to 18 February 2016 at the Institute for Peace and Democracy Udayana University, Bali. It was a very fruitful and productive meeting with important proceedings for the ASEA-UNINET. New elections have taken place, five new partner universities were accepted, a further university signed the Umbrella Agreement and for the first time laureates were awarded with the "Bernd Rode Award (BRA)":

- The outcome of the elections for the period 2016-2017:
The President is Prof.-Dr. Carla Locatelli.
The Vice-President and Regional Coordinator for Europe is Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Obenaus.
The Vice-President and Regional Coordinator for South-East Asia is Assoc.Prof.-Dr. Ngo Chi Trung.
The Deputy Regional Coordinator for South-East Asia is Prof.-Dr. Gamantyo Hendrantoro.

- Three new countries and five new universities became part of the ASEA-UNINET:
Austria - University of Applied Arts Vienna
Indonesia - Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
Iran (new) - Sharif University of Technology
Poland (new) - Wroclaw University of Economics
Portugal (new) - University of Porto

- The Hue University from Vietnam signed the Umbrella Agreement.

- ASEA-UNINET awarded laureates for the first time with the BRA 2016. The awaredees are:
Junior Researchers: Matthias A. Lechner, MD PhD MRCS DOHNS FHEA, Dr. Michelle Proyer, Dr. rer.nat. Dipl.-Ing. Simone Sandholz M.Eng.
Senior Researchers: Prof. Vu Ngoc Tuoc, Sheila R. Bonito
Project Excellence: Prof Dr. Abdul Jalil Nordin, Prof. Dr. Tjokorda Gde Tirta Nindhia and Ass.Prof. Dr. Tanja Lube

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ICCBS scholarships

Montag, 29. Februar 2016 - 03:30 Uhr

The ICCBS (International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences) will provide 5 short term scholarships (3-6 months) to research scholars from the ASEA-UNINET universities.
The fields of research include natural products and analytical chemistry, organic synthesis, structural biology, stem cell research, computational and medicinal chemistry, and genomic. The scholarship will include on-campus furnished accommodation, waive of bench and supervision fee and a monthly scholarships of US $200, as well as internal transportation.

The contact university is University of Karachi.
The contact person is Prof.-Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary, National Coordinator - Pakistan.
E-mail: or

Link to the ICCBS:

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Ernst Mach-Grants - next closing date: 15.03.2016

Montag, 02. November 2015 - 22:10 Uhr

Ernst Mach-Grants – ASEA-UNINET (formerly known as Technology Grants South-East Asia)

ASEA-UNINET supports the exchange of knowledge between partner universities in the member countries in Europe and South-East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam). The main activity of the network is the organization and financial support of the exchange of scientists and postgraduates and the transfer of knowledge associated with this.

The selection of the candidates takes place locally by Austrian university professors.

Applications are open to postgraduates who have obtained a master degree (including master thesis) or a doctoral degree (or equivalent degree) in various fields (including e.g. Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences, Human Medicine, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities Arts) as well as to graduates in the field of music.

There are four types of grants

  • Post-doc Grants (research grants)
    Duration: max. 9 months
    Grant benefit: 1,040 euro
  • PhD-Grants
    Grant for a complete PhD programme in Austria
    Duration: 36 months
    Grant benefit: 940 euros
  • Sandwich-Grants
    Grant for a partial study period during a PhD programme in Austria
    Duration: 12 months
    Grant benefit: 940 euros
  • Music-Grants
    Duration: max. 9 months
    Grant benefit: 940 euros

Additionally, scholarship holders receive a travel cost subsidy of max. 730 euros.


Next closing date for the submission of applications: 1 December 2015 15 March 2016

Link and download

For more information and the online-application tool, please click: Ernst Mach Grant - Link

or see the download file: Ernst Mach Grant - Information sheet

Use the step-by-step guide as a support for filling out the online application: Step-by-step-guide

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New folder of ASEA-UNINET available

Donnerstag, 08. Oktober 2015 - 18:28 Uhr

ASEA-UNINET has issued a new folder that is available now. It introduces into its vision statement, objectives, benefits, contact information, best practice examples and testimonials.
This overview on ASEA-UNINET is the 2015-version for spreading information about the idea and success of the organisation.

A digital version of the folder can be downloaded here: Folder_ASEA-UNINET_2015

... The up-to-date version of the folder is available here: Folder_ASEA-UNINET_2016

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MOU between the Austrian National Division of ASEA-UNINET and Sharif University of Technology

Dienstag, 06. Oktober 2015 - 22:13 Uhr

In September 2015 the Austrian National Division of ASEA-UNINET and Sharif University of Technology signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in order to foster and strengthen their cooperation in the development of curricula, support of higher education, research, development and technology transfer within the framework of ASEA-UNINET.

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Call for applications for the Bernd Rode Award is open - Submission deadline: 15.11.2015

Freitag, 18. September 2015 - 16:21 Uhr

ASEA-UNINET announces a call to apply for the Bernd Rode Award. This award is granted to outstanding scientific and higher education collaborations between European and South-East-Asian universities in the framework of ASEA-UNINET and given every 18 months in three different categories.

The Award is associated with financial support up to a maximum of 5.000 euros to enhance and extend the research possibilities in the context of projects backed by ASEA-UNINET (e.g. travel expenses, research stay). Further information can be found under the menu item "Bernd Rode Award - Call for Award" or downloaded as a document straight from the following link.

The submission deadline is 15.11.2015

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ASEA-UNINET Umbrella Agreement signed by Universitas Indonesia

Freitag, 18. September 2015 - 14:34 Uhr

The ASEA-UNINET proudly annouces that the Universitas Indonesia also signed the Umbrella Agreement. This agreement was proposed during the last Plenary in Innsbruck to promote a further fruitful cooperation between the ASEA-UNINET member countries.

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