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Mission Statement

S T A T E M E N T  of  M I S S I O N

Having in mind the process of increasing globalization and of continuous internationalisation of education and research,

Considering the importance of science and research for development and indigenous capacity building,

Noting with interest the ASEM process between European and Asian States,

Being aware that networking and partnerships are the most promising way to achieve success within this context,

ASEA-UNINET was founded in 1994 by Austrian and some S.E.Asian (Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese) universities as an association of European and South-East Asian universities with the following aims:

  • to encourage and facilitate cooperation between academic institutions in staff/student exchange, teaching and research activities
  • to promote scientific, cultural and human relationships and personal contacts
  • to encourage and initiate projects of mutual interest and benefit for faculties, staff and students
  • to assist in forming coalitions of resources for academic activities between member institutions
  • to facilitate contacts between universities, governmental and non-governmental organisations and economic operators engaged in projects related to education, science, technology and art in countries with member universities
  • to act as a forum of continuous discussions on the progress of these projects, and serving as a network of excellence providing expertise and initiatives for entities seeking European-S.E.Asian relations in the fields mentioned above.


For these programmes financing will be sought by all member institutions from university and national government sources.

Contributions to projects will be made by the universities on the basis of fair balance according to their economic and financial situation.

Additional financial support will be sought from regional (e.g. EU, ASEAN) as well as international agencies and from the private sector according to available project lines.